Introducing the wiNest!

This product was conceived at a neighborhood get-together. It solves the ever-popular-but-not-so-attractive-box-wine-on-the-counter problem. This is a patented design (US Patent 10,597,212) and holds a completely full standard (3 Liter) bag of wine (usually your favorite brand), and will dispense just as it would in the cardboard box.

The wiNest can be mounted to the side of a refrigerator, cabinet or wall with the included Command® Hooks. It is stable enough to sit on the counter or table as well. The carrying handle was a suggestion of the beta test group (the neighborhood moms) - for easy portability. The wiNest will fit neatly in the refrigerator if you want to keep your white wine chilled.

We sell the wiNest in a couple different formats.

  • Unfinished - for those who want to customize it (paint, stain, photos, etc).

  • Stained - we have several standard colors to pick from.

  • Custom - this is mainly for our business customers who want to use the wiNest as a product branding option. For this option, we will quote the design based on artworks supplied to us.

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Stained options

  • Ebony

  • Natural

  • Light

  • Dark

Custom Options

  • Photo (upload required)

  • Laser-Etched (design required)